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"My Favorite Miracles – True stories of God's power, wisdom, mercy, grace and love…" is, as its name implies, a true story that documents the actual events of God's work in the life of Silver Fisher. This brutally-candid autobiography shows the work God did through various tangible and verifiable miracles, starting from Silver's battered beginnings as a child, up through his troubled addictions and dysfunction in adulthood. Silver testifies of the abuse he experienced in childhood, the compulsions of his young adulthood, and the trials of his extraordinary life. In each chapter Silver recounts the work God did to reveal His power, wisdom, mercy, grace, and love, in ways that enabled Silver to persevere through his constant battles while maintaining hope. Silver admits, this book was written to encourage those who suffer from circumstances of addictions, depression, fear, anxiety, and struggle with the consequences of past mistakes, whether walking as a Christian or not. If this describes you, Silver opens the window of his life to expose both humiliating and victorious circumstances, showing how God works to save sinners by His grace in real ways that satisfy the soul.

My Favorite Miracles - eBook Version

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